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Netflow gains more ground

If you’ve been keeping up with my posts, you’ll know that NetFlow is a topic I’ve been researching and learning for some time now. I’ve even been developing a collector and analyzer of NetFlow data (in whatever spare time I have).

Though NetFlow has been around for years (it’s in its 9th version now), it seems like mainstream network management vendors are using its strengths.

NetFlow network monitoring tools go with the ‘flow’

“NetFlow is so verbose it’s often difficult to readily identify the data we need,”

“…in many instances, networking pros are confronted with interface and data overload.”

This is so true. It’s a little like parsing and analyzing debug syslog messages from a high-traffic firewall. There is so much data to use, filtering through it to find patterns, abnormal activities, or just summarized data is overwhelming.

There are many analysts that say you can use Accounting data for the same thing. Obviously, I have more to read up on this. I can see that Accounting data to give you many things that NetFlow can, but, I do not think it will give you answers on QoS classification and validation, nor the ability to view Application traffic. I could be wrong…

I am confident that once I use NetFlow, it will be like using the internet. I’ll never know how I got along without it. I’m excited to learn more, and even more excited once I get my software off the ground. Yes, it will be GPL’d. Once I get it to a point to be hosted, I will put it up on JavaForge.

The software I’m creating to collect and analyze netflow data is written in Java (of course), and will be using JasperReports and jFreeChart for the reporting aspect.

My long term goal, is to use my new-found management knowledge (see my post about the new CiscoPress Book) to build a full-fledged distributed management system, using OpenNMS and JBoss.

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One response to “Netflow gains more ground

  1. Roland Dobbins October 12, 2007 at 9:35 pm

    This preso has some info on NetFlow in a security context which may be useful:


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