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Netscout is acquiring Network General

Wow. Okay, this news is a little old, but I’ve been so busy, I’m just now getting around to blog about it. Netscout is acquiring Network General.

I remember the days, when the Network Sniffer (aka Network Associates Sniffer) ruled the network analyzer market. Now, over the last 5 years, it has changed hands 3 times? From Network Associates to Network General, and from Network General to NetScout. Okay, so it changed 2 times, 3 companies. I was close. Many of you are wondering, why did I even type that, and not just backspace…. moving on…

So, I was really huge into the Network Sniffer Investigator years ago. But, now that Wireshark (aka Ethereal) has gotten so mature, who needs it? Don’t get me wrong…. there are items where Wireshark wouldn’t even hold a candle to Sniffer, such as it’s monitoring and thresholds, but nowadays, most people just want to look at the traffic for troubleshooting, not monitoring.

Anyway, I thought it was interesting. I’ve never used NetScout products, but they seem to be decent products. Maybe in the future……

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