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Rightfax and Cisco integration using PRI

Rightfax, a Captaris product that centralizes Desktop Faxing and Electronic Document Delivery. I purchased Rightfax to help my company integrating Fax solutions, and save on maintenance and labor costs associated with manual faxing.

I purchased Rightfax with a digital PRI Brooktrout board (specifically a TR1034+E4H+T1+1N). Now, this board also supports T.38. So, why did I choose to use the digital PRI? Well, up till now, I haven’t had alot of luck using the T.38 protocol (probably due to my ignorance), and my users are starting to get very frustrated. So, for the time being, I chose to use PRI.

It took some soft massaging on both the Brooktrout, as well as on the Serial interface on my Cisco 3845, but I have it working. I will start with an overview of my design, before the implementation.

Here is the corresponding configuration on my Cisco 3845:
controller T1 0/0/0
  framing esf
  clock source internal
  linecode b8zs
  pri-group timeslots 1-4,24
  description RIGHTFAX
! Config Snipped
interface Serial0/0/0:23
  no ip address
  encapsulation hdlc
  isdn switch-type primary-dms100
  isdn protocol-emulate network
  isdn incoming-voice voice
  no cdp enable
! Config snipped
dial-peer voice 6799 pots
  destination-pattern 6799
  no digit-strip
  port 0/0/0:23

Okay, so here is some specifics:


  • clock source internal – I am receiving my clock source from one of my T1’s from the Telco side.  This command passes the clock source internally on the backplane, for this controller
  • pri-group timeslots 1-4,24 – I only have 4 channels licensed on the PRI card for RightFax.  Thus, I only want to allocate those channels.  Channel 24 is required for the D-channel.


  • isdn switch-type primary-dms100 – This will change based on your configuration.  I am only using it, since I’m using it on my other PRI’s from the telco.  Whatever you choose, you must make sure it’s matched on the Brooktrout card.
  • isdn protocol-emulate network – THIS IS INCREDIBLY IMPORTANT!!  Rightfax expects to be talking to the telco, not another device.


  • destination-pattern 6799 – This will change based on your dialplan.  I chose to use a specific number for testing.  Generally, you will create a pattern for your fax numbers.
  • no digit-strip – If you will be using DID numbers (you probably are), then you’ll need to send the number along to RightFax.  In order to do that, we need to send the digits on, so RightFax can use them to sort out the correct Fax mailbox.
  • port 0/0/0:23 – This just directs the call to the Serial interface for Rightfax.

That’s really it.  I kept the default configuration on the Brooktrout card, except for the ISDN config (Protocol Options under the Port A tab).  For the ISDN config, I just chose what I’ve configured here (i.e. B8ZS, DMS-100 switch, etc).  Oh, and you need to modify the max. DID digits.  By default, it is set to ‘0’, so I assumed that meant no limit.  No, that means 0 digits.  Change it. 🙂

Good LUCK!!!

6 responses to “Rightfax and Cisco integration using PRI

  1. Jon February 2, 2008 at 12:44 am

    Have you had any issues with this since deploying it? What version of RightFax are you using?

    Do you have multiple PRI and if so can you force RightFax to send faxes users send out a particular PRI/GW?


  2. Aaron Paxson February 3, 2008 at 1:19 pm

    Hi Jon! No, no issues since deploying it. I’ve ran into 1 problem…which is pretty minor. That is, we are a Domino/Notes shop, not an Exchange/Outlook shop. Apparently, there is a small dependency on a DLL that Captaris uses, which requires Outlook. While Captaris doesn’t use this functionality, it does complain about it, every time it starts. There is a minor workaround, which requires editing the registry.

    I just include this registry import in the installation of the Captaris installation, so it’s not a big deal to me. If you use Outlook (or have Outlook installed) then you shouldn’t have any problems.

    Also, since rolling out Cisco VoIP, we’ve ran into LOTS of problems using faxes. However, rolling out Captaris fixed every issue we had. It’s pretty solid, and haven’t had any issues since.

    Version 9.3 sp2

    I have multiple PRI’s at my gateway, but Rightfax only has 1 pri going to the GW, and of that PRI, only 4 channels are enabled. However, I can choose which channels are inbound/outbound/both. If you want to choose which PRI goes to which GW, then you can just terminate another PRI card to the different Gateway. I’ve not used multiple PRI’s on RightFax, so am unsure what options you have balancing both of them.

    Hope this helps. Good Luck!

  3. Greg March 26, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    Maybe this is a dumb question but what’s the point of plugging in the PRI into the 3845? Why not plug the PRI directly into the Brooktrout TR1034+E4H+T1+1N which supports the T1 PRI?

    • Aaron Paxson April 23, 2009 at 10:29 am

      Hi Greg. Sorry for my severe lateness in my response. I’ve really been slacking on this site. Too much going on.

      To answer your question, you could plug a PRI directly in the brooktrout. But that would be such a waste unless you plan to have a huge amount of fax traffic. By plugging it into my phone system, not only can I control any fancy routing I want, but I can re-use (or share) my existing PRI’s that I already have coming in.


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