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Captaris Rightfax First User Group!

For the first time, a Captaris Rightfax User Group is forming in Minn, with it’s first event set in Feb.

If you are not familiar with RightFax, it is an electronic fax delivery and document conversion application, which can scale extremely well. It also offers software development kits (SDK’s) for those that want custom integration into your ERP systems, and can integrate into some messaging/ERP systems out of the box.

If you were ever wishing you could centralize your inbound/outbound faxing due to regulatory compliance, or just for accurate metrics, RightFax can also integrate with most MFP (Multi-Function Printers), which includes your All-in-one HP printer/fax/copier.  Also, your high-end copier/fax machiens should also integrate well with it (but ask your rep first).

I’m a huge fan of user groups. Not only does it allow you to network with your peers with similar interests, but you can learn how they solved certain solutions, and, at the same time, learn new items that the User Group discusses.

Although, the User Group is only as successful as it’s sponsers and community, it is uncertain who will sponser and lead the User Group at this time. However, there is one company sponsering the first event, which is Dynamic Solutions Group. Companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, ING Group, and United Health Group will attend and share their experiences.

The User Group will be held in Minneapolis, Minn on Feb 22, 2008 at the Embassy Suites Hotel.

For more information on the User Group, or for attendance details, see the press release (PDF)

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