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Lotus Domino VS Exchange?

Okay, before you start assuming, this is just my quick 30-second answer to the difference between Lotus Domino and Microsoft Exchange.  I use this analogy when explaining to others that really do not know much about the topic.  I’ll give you my personal opinions at the end.

Entire Books and Libraries have been created to determine the real differences.  This is not meant to go into any detail

First off, let me preface by saying, anyone can make an email server.  SMTP/POP3/IMAP are not difficult protocols.

“Microsoft Exchange does a great job of messaging, and, oh… by the way…. it can also do collaboration.  Lotus Domino does a great job of collaboration, and, oh…. by the way….. it can also do messaging”.

The main focus that I’m trying to point out is, IBM/Lotus understands that anyone can do email, so they put their Research and Development into the collaboration piece.  The sending/receiving email is just a side-note bonus item.  Whereas, Microsoft spent a lot of time in the messaging piece and the management of it.

Now, this post isn’t to bash Exchange lovers.  There are a lot of things I miss on Exchange that Domino doesn’t do.  However, I did want to give my 30-second explanation on the major difference between the two.

My personal opinion is, in this day and age, we are beyond the need for simple messaging.  If that was the case, we would still be running sendmail systems (some of us still are) using Eudora Pro.  You can only take it so far.  At this point, businesses are more interested in effectively collaborating efficiently and without geographic boundries.  Anyone can send and receive email.

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2 responses to “Lotus Domino VS Exchange?

  1. Anthony Miller August 30, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    Really wanted to post some links but couldn’t figure it out.. I think you seriously understate the capabilities of the Notes/Domino platform and overstate the Exchange platform with this statement “Microsoft Exchange does a great job of messaging, and, oh… by the way…. it can also do collaboration. Lotus Domino does a great job of collaboration, and, oh…. by the way….. it can also do messaging”.

    Notes/Domino is way more than collaboration and messaging.. Exchange barely collaborates.. to the point that the platform has been relegated to only calendaring and messaging in favor of using Sharepoint for collaboration.

  2. Aaron Paxson October 21, 2008 at 7:22 pm

    No, Exchange does do some collaboration. It’s fairly easy to create a folder that can help share documents with threaded discussions and comments. It’s also pretty easy to translate those forms into a web form, for internet publication or track data in database form.

    So, yes, Exchange does do collaboration, but you need to know Microsoft technologies to really push the envelope. You really hit it on the head, that you need Sharepoint and Exchange to start equalling the Notes platform.

    For Domino/Notes, it is far more powerful and can do more out of the box. It is also not Microsoft dependant, so you can use Java or Lotus Script, but the administration and learning curve is far more higher than Exchange.

    Thanks for the discussion!

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