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I Bought a PowerBook!

Well, I finally did it.  I bought a PowerBook for myself off of EBay a couple of nights ago.  Up till now, I’ve only had G4 Desktops at my house (and a broken down G3 and iBook).  Well, I finally convinced my wife to allow me the small pleasure of bidding for a PowerBook G4.

Powerbook G4-1

Well, I won the bid, but I think it was a bit high.  I didn’t care, though.  I could have gotten a 13″ MacBook from Apple for $950 (with tax).  I decided to get a 17″ PowerBook (1.6GHz) for almost the same price.  It has a 17″ screen rather than the 13″ screen on the MacBook,120GB hard drive, and 1.5GB memory.  I didn’t think I did too bad, though, I probably could have done better.

It can run Leopard, when I’m ready to buy it, but it comes with Tiger.  But no iSight 😦  oh well.

If you think I could have done better, don’t tell me.  I’d rather not know.  🙂

So, now I’m waiting for it to ship.  I’m like a 7-year-old, sitting in an ice cream shop for that huge chocolate and fudge sundae in 110-degree weather.

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One response to “I Bought a PowerBook!

  1. jk March 2, 2008 at 7:42 pm

    perfect timing after you found out how to use screen with it eh?

    Congrats. I enjoyed my 15″ powerbook when I had it. I loved my 14″ iBook when I had it. And I’m still a daily driver on my macbook pro. Work also assigned me a MacBook, so I ahve that to run as well.

    Hope you enjoy the laptop. I know it really is so much easier to handle monkeying with all the routers and switches on mac than windows is. I’ve always had just so much pain with dealing with multitudes of routers and switches with windows machine.

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