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Busyout Voice B-Channels on Cisco Router

I have been looking forever for a good command to just busy out my PRI circuits from my gateway. There is a way to do it in Call Manager Service Parameters, but that seems to be only good for MGCP gateways. My gateway is H.323. Plus, I couldn’t figure out how to identify that one specific controller, from my 5 controllers on that gateway.

So, here is what I used to busy-out my PRI B-channels gracefully. Start off in global config mode, and change to your D-Channel interface:

voice_gw(config)# interface Serial0/1:23

Then, issue your busyout command. Here, I’m placing all my channels out of service:

voice_gw(config-if)# isdn service b_channel 0-23 state 2 soft

b_channel=0-23 – This is my range. You can certainly just insert one channel, or a different range.

state=2 – 0=InService, 1=Maint, 2=OutOfService

soft – This means, place them in the defined state, when the channel becomes idle. (in other words, do not disconnnect active channels until they hang up)

One response to “Busyout Voice B-Channels on Cisco Router

  1. Semyon September 29, 2010 at 12:33 am

    Great! Thanks!

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