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Lotus Notes: Good or Bad?

Okay, I just got done reading a humerous post, where the user complains about Lotus Notes.  Let me point out a couple of comments that I really enjoyed reading:

Quick, How do you compose a new email in your favorite email client? Ctrl + N, I hear you say. Not so with Lotus Notes. To create a new email, oh wait, Lotus calls it ‘New Memo’, you have to hit Ctrl + M.

And this one:

If you are in Inbox and press F5 (The windows standard for ‘Refresh’), Lotus Notes locks itself (behaves like Locking your workstation using Ctrl + Alt + Delete)! Nice, huh?

I love it!  Why is that funny?  Because Lotus Notes is NOT Outlook!!  Period, end-of-statement.  Everyone tries to make it like Outlook, but it’s not.  That would be like using a Linksys router for 5 years, then buying a larger Cisco router, and saying Cisco sucks because it’s nothing like a Linksys!  Or using an Avaya Telephone, and moving to Cisco or Shortel telephones.

I’ll go on record, I administrate BOTH Exchange AND Domino systems.  I have just as many issues and complaints about Outlook, as I get in Notes.  Guess what!  Software isn’t perfect!  There will ALWAYS be issues.  Thank goodness, or I’d be out of a job!

Another quote from another author in a comment:

Can I plow a field with a donkey? Yes. Can I do it better with, say, a tractor? Hell yes! Can I dig a hole and pull the dirt away with a donkey? Yes. Can I do it better with a dump truck? Hell yes! Can I get onto a donkey and ride it around? Yes. Could I even put skis on its feet and ride it down a mountain? Yes. Is it going to work well? NO!

IMHO, Notes is a donkey. The engineers are so impressed with all the things one can do with Notes that they have lost sight of the fact that it doesn’t many of them very well.

Heh, this one really makes me laugh.  How many things does Microsoft say that Active Directory or Windows 2003 Server do?  Now, how many things do you actually use?  20%, if that?  C’mon, it’s the nature of marketing and development to make a software package that will do what you want it to do, WHEN you want to do it.  If you don’t use it, fine….. but don’t blame the developers because you don’t use it.

My final note on the matter is this….. I’m glad Notes isn’t like Outlook.  Why?  Because that keeps reminding me that Microsoft isn’t the ONLY innovator out there.  Seriously.  We’d be in serious trouble, if every software maker out there, relied on Microsoft’s innovation, rather than their own.

Don’t get me wrong, Microsoft makes good software, but they aren’t the ONLY good software maker out there.  For every Notes issue you can come up with, I can equally come up with issues with Outlook.

I’m not slamming the author.  It’s a good post, and one that stirred great discussion between both sides.  I encourage people to speak their mind.  But, I also want to remind people to KEEP AN OPEN MIND.  Don’t be so narrow-minded.  Business thrives, BECAUSE of change and innovation.

Happy Blogging!

3 responses to “Lotus Notes: Good or Bad?

  1. James June 19, 2009 at 9:13 pm

    I used Notes on a contract for a few months. I hated it.

    I didn’t hate it because it wasn’t Outlook, I hated it because they renamed or redid EVERYTHING that everyone has come to expect from an email client. I had to relearn every little thing. Not true if you moved from Outlook to Thunderbird, or to any other client.

    Innovation is one thing. I’ll give you that. But if Ford suddenly decided to make a car that had the brake on the right and the gas pedal on the left and moved the drivers seat to the back, no one would buy it. Why? Because everyone knows the gas is on the right and the brake on the left.

    A lot of email clients are just like Outlook. Or maybe Outlook is just like a lot of email clients. Either way, there are some things you should just expect to see in your chosen email application.

    Notes is so extremely different that it’s user unfriendly. IBM would probably have better luck if they made it look and feel more like something everyone has been using for years.

    My 2 cents


    • Aaron Paxson June 19, 2009 at 9:36 pm

      Lotus 8 has really changed their UI, and tried to make it more “user-friendly”. Maybe I’ll post a few screenshots.

      Outlook is easier, I’ll give you that.

      Thanks for the post, James!

  2. Etherealmind August 19, 2009 at 2:59 pm

    I cannot begin to describe how much I loathe, despise and hate Lotus Bloody Notes. With all the goodness in my soul, there is not a single good thing about Lotus Bloody Notes (expecting the day that you turn it off).

    It’s non-standard, top-down development, non-focussed, non-specific, infinite-format uselessness matches that of rocks lying on the side of the road.

    As an email program its a good database, as a database its a good email server and thus bad at everything.

    The sooner the world gives up and moves on, the better the world will be.

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