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Video series… Any takers?

I have registered the name “Netration” at blip.tv in an effort to combine my two favorite interests, video and networking.

This was supposed to be a vodcast for training, demos, and business technology news (focused on networking). A fun, playful series, where laughter, jokes, and informalities are present. Very similar to the way the “Java Posse” handles themselves.

However, in recent weeks, I realized it just wouldn’t be any fun to watch a single person.

I’m thinking of some co-hosts for this show. Maybe some “brief appearances” and if it takes off, then great.

Anyone willing to try out some video news and sharing? You would need a video camera, mic, and abiliy to give me either a DV or QuickTime format.

I’m thinking recordings would be every two weeks, depending on how fast I become in post-production.

I’m still not sure how this would work, but would love to try things. I’m open to any suggestions or volunteers.

Let me know!

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