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Finding your inner skill-set

I’m sure there are times where we all go through a period, where we just don’t know where are strengths are in our careers.  Many, are like me, just get your hands into everything.

While this is great, because it gives you a bigger picture, it left me feeling frustrated, as there wasn’t a single thing I was really interested in.  A topic that trumped the rest.  Something I can pride myself on as to knowing more than others.

It has taken me 10 years in the IT industry to finally figure out what that is.  “Network Operations Monitoring and Management”.

This fits well with me, because it still allows me to have some hands-on skills on all network operations, such as Domino/Exchange servers, network equipment, VoIP, web security, firewalls, programming, etc.  Because a management system needs to understand ALL of these systems, and correlate numerous metrics to identify a particular problem.

I’m actually kind-of excited, because I have finally answered the question I’ve been asking myself for so long.

May you also answer the lingering questions, that you still have unanswered!

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