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New Datacenter

I am totally missing my routine blogging, and I need to get re-organized.  Work is overwhelming me (when does it not for most people?).

We are moving one of our datacenter’s located in Cleveland Ohio.  This datacenter currently hosts 50+ servers, plus a PBX and Call Center, along with an AS400 ERP system.

So, I’ve been struggling the last 40 days trying to find a datacenter, moving circuits, and finding a logistics company capable of moving such equipment.

Dolphini Networks was the co-location that I decided on.  Peak10 was what I was going with, but they just couldn’t get my AT&T quote for my fiber line.  After 4 weeks of emails, I just felt I either wasn’t important enough, or they just stopped trying.  Too bad.  Their loss, Dolphini’s gain.  Plus, they are about 20 minutes closer to me and cheaper.

My only concern is that they are not a 24/7 datacenter, which I’m not used to.  But, hopefully, I’ll get around it, or used to it.  I’m just used to calling our current datacenter at 2am to ask for a modem power cycle, or re-seat a hard drive in a server.

So far, I’ve got our Qwest LD circuits ordered, Verizon WAN circuits ordered, and waiting on local PRI service and our 100Mb fiber line.

There is good news.  The company that had our current offices before us, Ingram Books, already had fiber put in.  So, hopefully it’s just a question of provisioning it, and the install time is cut dramatically.

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