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The Undesireables

So many times, I’ve introduced technology that I received flack for. For example, dropping Exchange for Domino, or Cisco for Juniper. Even using Linux instead of Windows. McAfee vs Symantec vs Sophos. Take your pick.

Yes, I use Linux where I can, and Windows when it fits best. I use open-source apps when I feel it’s better or more flexible than commercialized apps. And, yes,I even prefer Domino over Exchange.

Many admins scoff at me, and question whether I know what I’m doing or not. I like to think I’ve been around the industry long enough to make my own decisions, rather than using public opinions alone. I base my decisions on experience, demos, admin guides, and Internet research. Sure, I pay attention to the industry trends and best practices, but there is so much more to learn.

I’ll give you an example for those admins who love to hate Domino. Why are you using Exchange? Isn’t it just easier to create a pop3 mailbox at an ISP?? I mean, thats a 1 minute process and rarely fails whereas administrating Exchange is more complicated. Oh, it’s because you can do more with Exchange than POP3? So why is it, you give me grief that Domino is more complicated. My answer is the same as yours, “…. because it can do more than Exchange”.

There is a fine line between simplicity and functionality. When you give on one, you take from the other.

I have finally come to the realization that it’s because many just don’t know enough about the subject to make an opinion, and therefore, use other’s opinions rather than admitting they don’t know. Those people, in turn, do the same thing, and this starts increasing at an exponential rate. In the end, everyone has an opinion, with little data, and only a few are left to actually have valid judgements on the discussed technology.

I have a new saying…… ” Lack of knowledge or fear of the unknown does not constitute accurate judgement ”

Of course, then again, who am I to even make judgement, really. I still don’t have a clue, which makes me no better than those I am talking about. Sigh.

Still, I get frustrated when people swear up and down by Product A when they haven’t even looked at Product B.

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