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Why do I choose complexity?

I have always loved complex systems.  Not because they make me feel smart, or because I just want to be the only one who knows how to do it.  But, because it opens up options for me.

For example, when I was deciding on a phone system 3 years ago, it boiled down to “Shortel” and “Cisco”.  One of Shortel’s selling points was that it takes 2 minutes to setup a new user.   Well, that’s true…. setting up a new user/phone/call center agent can take up to 10 minutes for someone not familiar with the interface on Cisco.

So, why did I choose Cisco?  Because it was more expensive and more complicated?  Not really.  I chose Cisco, because while it does take me longer to setup a user, that means I have more options in the setup process that I can work with later.  More flexibility means more solutions when presented with challenges.

I recently heard this motto on a podcast from PacketPushers, that said, “I love complexity, because it gives me options”.  I feel that is so true.

Maybe that’s why I choose Unix over Windows, Domino over Exchange, Plone over Sharepoint, and Cisco over Shoretel.  The more flexibility I have, the better the solutions I can give, when challenged by the business to do something extra-ordinary.

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