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Why am I a Mac lover?

I am such an avid Apple lover. I’m not exactly sure when this happened, but it did. I would suspect it would be when Apple moved to OSX. That was during a time when I was getting interested in the Unix/Linux circa 1997-1998. I had installed my first FreeBSD and Redhat installations.

Now, Apple has the creativeness GUI with a hardened *nix backend? Oh, gimme some of that!

So, I got my first Apple and started playing. The shell (aka Terminal) was initially my main program (outside iTunes of course), since, at that time there really wasn’t much in the application space to be useful.

Now, fast forward to present day. Apple truly has been quite innovative. First with the iPod. Then, they setup an advanced touch screen with the iPod touch. Well, why not make it a phone? Done….. The iPhone was released. Then the feather-weight Macbook Air. Mind blowing!

Now, let’s add a suite of applications called iLife. Photos, movies, music.

Wait! Mac is now running Intel? Dual-core baby! Then the amazing iPad with it’s enormous screen real estate. What’s next?

I just love their innovation and creativity. Their products are fun to use, and therefore, more productive in the workplace.

I’ve replaced Visio with Omnigraffle and hyperterminal with Screen/Terminal. I still have Microsoft Office, Cisco VPN, and Lotus Notes. Anything else that I cant run, I can use Fusion or Parallels to run the Windows version.

Mac totally rocks! But don’t get a big head, Apple, and turn into the next Microsoft.

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