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HP FlexNetwork Architecture

Today, Dave Donatelli, Executive VP for HP, announced HP’s FlexNetwork Architecture.

There is no doubt, that HP has been gaining alot of ground in their Procurve sales for the enterprise.  Being that their price points are below that of Cisco, with functionality one would expect in the enterprise, it’s no wonder people are considering HP when they did not before.

FlexNetwork is the all-inclusive term which encompasses 3 tiers of HP’s Networking Portfolio:

  • FlexFabric – Datacenter Networking
  • FlexCampus – Wired and Wireless networks in the Campus environment
  • FlexBranch – Branch Office products

FlexManagement actually applies to the FlexNetwork Architecture, as it pertains to the full management of it.  Currently, it consists of the Intelligent Management Center, or IMC for short, which monitors and manages all your network devices.  Not just Dell, but Cisco, Juniper, Dell, etc.  Currently, it manages 2600+ devices, and more than 3000 after Service Pack 1, to be released in June 2011.

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