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My Blog has moved to “My Teneo !!!”

If you are seeing this post, that means that I have not turned on redirection yet.  All new posts are now going to My Teneo !!!

I have moved all the posts on this blog over, but redirection is obviously not turned on yet.  There are just a few posts that redirection is failing, due to special characters in the Title/URL.

Please go to the new blog to see current posts.  Thanks.



Redirecting WordPress to Liferay Blogs

I love WordPress.  I really do.  If nothing else, I love the statistics that WordPress gives me per post.  However, my primary move to another site is simply because I want one integrated site, instead of maintaining two individual ones.

So, being that Liferay is my choice, and I don’t want to lose have any broken links from Google or other sites.

So, the biggest challenge?  Liferay blogs do not maintain the same URL style as WordPress.  So, how do you redirect WordPress entries to Liferay entries easily?

First, you must use Apache HTTP server as a front-end to your Liferay system (that should have been your first choice anyway, right?).  Then, you just use modrewrite and use a regular expression pattern.

Next, you would use the WordPress Importer for Liferay.  You would install it as another portlet.  Once installed, choose the “configuration” of the portlet to choose what you want imported (pages, categories, blog entries, etc).  Once the import is complete, you have your blogs.

But, not so fast.  If you choose to redirect your existing WordPress blogs to Liferay, you will end up with lots of 404 errors (page cannot be found).  That’s because the URL is different.

WordPress will send over /year/month/day/title (i.e. 2011/02/16/title-of-entry).

Liferay expects /-/blogs/title-of-entry

So, using modrewrite, I used the following pattern

RewriteRule ^/[0-9]+/[0-9]+/[0-9]+/(.*)?$ blog/-/blogs/$1 [R=301,NC,L]

This means, it will strip the year/month/day, and add the title.  The R=301 means permanent redirect, NC means not-case-sensitive, and the L means this is the last rule to execute.  Keep in mind, that I’m using “blog” first, before “/-/blogs”, because that is the page I use for my blogs.  Change to fit your needs.

I am still struggling with importing comments, but that should be rectified shortly.  Even if I have to wait for Liferay version 6.1.

New Blog Site soon!

Sorry for the lack of posts.  I’m actually creating a new site called MyTeneo!!!

For the primary reason that I’ve noticed since I kicked off this site back in 2007, more people are using the Teneo name.  Now, obviously, I have no trademark for a Latin word, but it was a bit disconcerning that other IT professionals are using my catch phrase for their business:

And to be honest, it’s time for a change anyway.  Hence, MyTeneo is being born!  MyTeneo is a spin off of Teneo, but to make it personal.  If Teneo is to understand something, then MyTeneo is your personal journey to understanding something.

Stay tuned.  Website is nearly complete.


Liferay 6+ and Blog Portlet Ideas

So, I’m in the process to looking at other vendor’s for my Blog.  I really like WordPress for a number of reasons, but I want my website to be fully integrated with my blog.  I don’t want to have 2 seperate websites.

Liferay is my choice (mostly because I love java, it’s very expandable, and I want to implement Liferay at my company for our intranet portal.)

However, there are a few things the Blog Portlet is lacking.  The largest among those, is “Anonymous Comments”.  See, not everyone wants to “Create an account”, for just one comment.  If I were building a community, that would be different, but I’m not.  The purpose of a blog is not one-way communications.  If that were true, then we would just create static web pages.  We need two-way communications, and the harder we make it for our visitors, the less likely we will have them.

The first thing that we should implement for Liferay Blog, would be to “easily allow” guest comments.  Right now, we have to modify an embedded text file called “blogs.xml” and add it to our ext-environment.  Next, we can add captcha to guest comments, which will prevent bots from spamming our blogs.  Liferay already implements Captcha, so it should not be too difficult.

Those two things will get everything started.  Now, to get Liferay Blog “up-to-standards” with the other vendors, the next milestone would be comment workflow.  This is to allow the moderating of comments, i.e. to not publish comments until an approval is made.  Again, not too difficult, as Liferay already uses workflow.

For example, with WordPress, you can add comment moderation, which sends out an email when a comment is waiting to be approved.  You can also add, “approve comment, if you have previously approved comments from the same person”.  So, if Liferay sees a comment from someone that you have previously approved, then auto-approve it.

So, to sum up:

  1. Add 3 fields to anonymous comments
    1. Name
    2. Email Address
    3. Website
  2. Easily configure to allow Anonymous comments in the config pane of the blog portlet
  3. Option to add “Captcha” or “Re-Captcha” for comment authentication
  4. Comment moderation (i.e. Workflow)

Syslog-ng and filters

So, over the weekend, I had to update 200 routers with SNMP configs, and point them to my SYSLOG server. Easy, right? Well, tedious, since half-way I figured I should have used EXPECT, but by then, I was already half-done.

Anyway, after all my work, I noticed that my syslogs were not receiving any logging. Doing a TCPDUMP showed I received the logs. Strange?

I have alot of filtering done in SYSLOG-NG. With my naming convention, all end-point access routers use [location]-arXX (where XX is the numbered router at that location). So, my filter for access routers is:


Well, after some searching, SYSLOG-NG actually does a reverse DNS lookup to determine the name, even though I have the hostname inside the log.

After adding 200+ reverse DNS entries, I finally got it working.

New Blog Layout/Design

Just now got around to reading some great blogs that I follow, after who knows how long! There seemed to be a pattern on many of them….. they cleaned up their blogs.

Then it occurred to me, that MY blog was way to cluttered with very little useful information, distracting from the focus of the site.

Does anyone really use posting calendar’s anymore? I mean, there are really two ways to read a blog… from the site/RSS feed, or from a web search. I doubt many click on the days to see what you were doing.

Also, the “Archives” where you get to choose the day/week/month and/or year of posts. Again, similar to the calendar. It may be used, but much less than what I thought.

Other data like “Linked In” or profile pics, are better in an “About Me” page, instead of forcing it on someone at their first visit.

So, i cleaned up to what is hopefully more useful information. Hope you like it! Let me know if this blog is missing something you are used to seeing on other blogs.

I’m getting an iPad!!

Due to my recent contributions to my company, they are giving me an iPad 3G 32GB! How awesome is that!!

Finding your inner skill-set

I’m sure there are times where we all go through a period, where we just don’t know where are strengths are in our careers.  Many, are like me, just get your hands into everything.

While this is great, because it gives you a bigger picture, it left me feeling frustrated, as there wasn’t a single thing I was really interested in.  A topic that trumped the rest.  Something I can pride myself on as to knowing more than others.

It has taken me 10 years in the IT industry to finally figure out what that is.  “Network Operations Monitoring and Management”.

This fits well with me, because it still allows me to have some hands-on skills on all network operations, such as Domino/Exchange servers, network equipment, VoIP, web security, firewalls, programming, etc.  Because a management system needs to understand ALL of these systems, and correlate numerous metrics to identify a particular problem.

I’m actually kind-of excited, because I have finally answered the question I’ve been asking myself for so long.

May you also answer the lingering questions, that you still have unanswered!

Book Reviews

I have had many Cisco Press books delivered to my door in the last few months for review.  Sorry I haven’t done any reviews lately.  Been a BEAR at work!

I will though.  Stay tuned.

The last one, “Building a Green Datacenter” looked very promising.  But, my favorite so far, is still “Network Management and Accounting Strategies

Becoming the swiss army knife in IT

I love my job.  I really do.  But, sometimes, I wish I was a little more honed in some areas.

My job description keeps changing.  Now, I’m the network administrator, server administrator, network engineer, messaging administrator, storage administrator, security officer, telecom manager……

((sigh)) Sometimes, I wish I could just be the network engineer, going back to my weekly antivirus and network reports, and making decisions to make the business communications more efficient and resilient.  Having my team act on my decisions, allowing me to focus on the larger picture makes things much easier.

Having so many hats is a good thing for marketing yourself to businesses, but prevents you from honing your skills in any one area.

For those, that are like me (which is increasingly getting higher with the current status of US Economy), this page will help you keep your hair, while you are juggling everything.  A good source for tips on wearing multiple hats.