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Styx being reborn – SQL Netflow Collector

Okay, after my last post about whether I should get back to rebuilding my netflow collector, Styx….. I finally made a decision.  I’m going to push on.

The main reason is because there really isn’t anything out there to give you the data you want.  Yes, there are some really great products out there, but you are limited to the graphs and data exports that the programming company *want* you to see.

Styx is different.  Yes, it will have the same kind of graphs, but puts you back in the driver’s seat.  The way I see it….. if you are saavy enough to know that you need netflow data, then you are competent enough to know what data you want to see.

Styx has an OLAP engine that will allow you to drill-down to see the data you need.  You can do all the “data-mining” you want.  Of course, I’m still building it, so it’s more like a fantasy than real life… but it IS in progress:  http://styx.javaforge.com

It’s built on SQL, so you can use your favorite reporting package.  Of course, on high-traffic networks, you could be analyzing millions of records, so to be efficient is a major challenge.  But, one that I’m willing to overcome.

Thanks to everyone for your comments on my previous post, as well as, the many emails I received.  I appreciate your feedback, advice, and confidence in me.

Once this package is available to use, I would love to have your help in letting me know what’s most important to you.

Until then, I will continue coding……. java-style!!



Should I continue building a netflow analyzer?

So, I’ve been developing a netflow analyzer off and on for a year now. It’s called Styx.

Do we really need another netflow analyzer? I mean, there are so many out there, both open-source and commercial.

I wanted to make something easy to use, and understand, but do we really need it?

Uggghhhhh…. what to do……

Styx Update

Styx now has it’s own webpage. I had to put it in googlepages since Javaforge won’t do web hosting 😦 Which makes me irritable, since they were doing web hosting when I first checked them out!

The site is in it’s extreme infancy, since I just started it today, but plan for much more information in the very near future. I can’t wait for this project to really take off!

Anyway, the project site is located here.

I’m calling it a 0.01 release. It won’t be a 0.1 release, until I have two tasks completed. Which one of them is already 95% done.